24 November 2004


Some things I am grateful for in this moment:

1. thanksgiving with my dad tomorrow. it will be the first time in 12 years.
2. that my dad moved back here from tucson and we are able to spend time together
3. my friend danny flanigan
4. my curly hair
5. abuelita. she turns 88 on Friday.
6. the huge tree in my back yard whose base is as big as 5 people,
7. my relationship with my brother john, which has grown so much in the last year
8. my wonderful home which i absolutely love. it is me!
9. beginning to reconnect with some of my old friends from a long time ago: michael, ned, amos, jim, clint...more to come
10. my physical strength
11. susan
12. john kerry + those who supported
13. that my friend bob is doing well
14. tennis. just started playing. dig it. was promoted to the 2-2.5 level for tennis lessons.
15. outing with my dad on monday buying tennis shoes and having coffee at starbucks 16. a little girl named grace

17. that i'm alive, awake, and feeling everything
18. Love

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Anonymous said...

Great list!

Hi from Hope, one of Ned's sisters.

silvie said...

hi hope. nice to hear from you. i remember ned talking about you years back. btw, best to you in your tree planting. sounds like a marvelous project. i planted lots and lots of perrenials this past season and it was such a rewarding experience. nothing like digging in the dirt and watching the flowers bloom.

Peptide said...

the more grateful i feel, i happier i am.

silvie said...