25 December 2005

Stolen kongs

Christmas didn't have the weight and emotion that it typically carries. Our gatherings were nice. Some of my family is in the UK (Celina + family as well as my brother). Yesterday we got together with my other sister, Marcie, and her family at my mom's and today I made brunch for my mom and Julio at my house. I was pleased with how my brunch turned out (eggs with cheese, spinach and onions; toast; fruit salad with mostly berries; coffee from my french press; juice). Mom and Julio left. And that is it. It is quiet here in my house - not much in the way of sadness, maybe resignation on some level.

Rain on Christmas. Not what I expected. It is actually raining slush - not good for a walk which is what I'd planned to do today.

Neko begins her existential-like quest with the squirrels every day with renewed enthusiam regardless of the rain, snow or temperatures. This is her job. They remain mainly on the power lines and high up in the trees and don't seem fazed by her calculated attacks and full speed lunges at the fence. The other day she was really fired up and was barking at the fence for a good hour. I learned that a squirrel was just on the other side of the fence devouring her kong filled with peanut butter. Kongs are heavy things; I've no idea how that little scavenger picked it up as it weighs more than even a hefty squirrel I'd guess. The guy had eaten all the way through the rubber and had most of the peanut butter. I understand why Neko was pissed. This was her second kong. Probably this guy or one of his unscrupulous homies took the first one as well.

Happy Holidays to all.


Anonymous said...

happy new year!

joe said...

Hello....happy new year....and, how the heck are ya?! I'm alive, kicking,married, a father, and doing well. ...I've enjoyed your site on more than one occasion....I've just recently started participating....contacted Bill and Ned....great to find you all well....I just started a site recently myself....stop by...
title...Joe Wilson Today
Take care,
P.S. Saw your photos on your site. You look great! and, haven't aged....what's your secret?

silvie said...

howdy boog. so nice to hear from you. i'm well. i start a new job tomorrow. i got a promotion -- we'll see how it goes. i work in IT at a big ol' corporation. so glad to hear you are enjoying your family. it was very sweet to read. i laughed out loud at some of your entries. my secret to staying young? i don't eat at golden corral or old country buffet. oh, and stopped partying, consume only water, green tea, and whole foods. kidding...about all but the partying and the buffets. best to you and erica and ro.