18 September 2008

I received a survey from the Obama campaign which closed with a comments box. Here is what I told them.

We are a time in our country to speak in root causes and must not be afraid to go deep. While depth and complexity are very difficult to campaign with, let’s speak to the root causes simply but completely. Obama has spoken to many of these and done so with grace and eloquence.

I will only speak to one root cause.

The outside is a reflection of the inside. Where we are as a country is a reflection of the collective conscious of the American people. I am horrified at the level of messaging that so many respond to in politics, but no more than judgment and shame heals children, it won’t heal a nation. The single most important factor I can see for the Obama campaign and presidency is to continue to call Americans to their highest potential – a higher level of awareness, accountability, listening, speaking, and acting. Hold this place for Americans not only in words but in consciousness. It is a shift in awareness of people that will rebuild our DNA to an authentic and lasting change (in all of the areas I selected as most important in this survey). For us to make a marked impact on global warming our beliefs about ourselves and relationship to living things around us needs to fundamentally change. We get this internally and big things happen quickly. It is time we win our war within ourselves – not any country.

I speak from experience of having been through difficult times and having come to personal freedom and growth unlike what I understood was possible for me. This started with others who “held me large” – planting a seed that reached my core in spite of my plans.

Obama’s authentic invitation to Americans to reach their own excellence is one of the reasons I am a heartfelt and passionate supporter.

I will close with my sincere gratitude for bringing heart, intelligence and compassion to the election process. It has woken so many. Yes We Can!

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