04 October 2008

Think BLUE Indiana

Obama is speaking Wed in Indianapolis. I'm going with my mom and neighbor. I'm looking forward to this. I'm even more looking forward to election day when we elect him. I'm going to take that day off so I can support the process, help people get to the polls or whatever is needed. I feel pulled to be involved.

The Broad Ripple Obama office is packed full and full of action. It is exciting to be there. Today I went to a low income strip mall in the hood to register voters. I talked to a couple of soldiers in their late 50's who just got back from Iraq. One had been there for six years. He didn't believe we should have been there. He wasn't registered but after some talking agreed to register. We registered about 30 people and talked to probably 150. The remainder, outside of say 10 who were not interested, were strongly empassioned and committed to voting. A portion of these had recently just been registered by the campaign. It was moving. It was probably the most meaningful few hours I've spent in months.

I too was pleased with Biden. Hands down pleased.


Ned said...

exciting times! I had a similarly motivating experience Saturday - K & I worked the booth @ the farmer's market. Lots of folks looking to turn Indiana blue this year. Glad to hear you're in with the Broad Ripple campaign!

liz said...

Rock on Silvia for doing his work and getting involved. It's exciting that Indiana is in play, especially having just read this week that Indiana is trying to restrict abortions county by county. I love my Hoosierness and yet I struggle with the politics of home. But man,yeah, way to go for getting out there.