26 October 2008

children who care

Abuelita proudly displays the first eggplant I have grown. She made some fantastic baba ganoush with it.


Scene from the Broad Ripple Campaign for Change office today: All three of these very young kids are holding cell phones and making calls to Indy residents to confirm their support for Obama and tell them of the Early Vote locations. Talk about hope and a willingness to do what you've never done before!

Some fantastic photos of Obama in downtown Indy on Oct 23. 35,000 gathered at American Legion Mall and in surrounding blocks. Take a look.


I'm researching current international collaboration on climate change. There are a lot of highly instructive executive summaries, papers, webcasts for those who may have interest.

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

UNPCC (UN Partners on Climate Change)


Ned said...

that eggplant looks amazing!

Peptide said...

that eggplant looks so human.
love your banner image - somehow seeing his crowds has a soothing quality for my rattled nerves. it does something to counteract the freaky impression left by these youtube videos of haters at mccain/palin rallies.

silvie said...

i have the same feeling about the picture and flag. I have a flag in my closet that was up when i bought my house 5 years ago. I am thinking I will put it up on Nov 5. first time in my life to put up a flag.

i love you guys.

i will admit i was proud of the eggplant.:o

lilanlan said...

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