22 April 2005

Hello friends.

My dad moved back to Indy last May after 12 years in Tuscon in order to have support as he gets older (he is 77). As it turns out he doesn't think he can be happy here, in part weather and in part history. After a lot of frustration in trying to decide, he seems to be moving towards moving back. We are looking at assisted living communities.

I struggled for a short time about what this means, but I've come to some peace about it. I had this thought that the universe was bringing my dad 'back' to me after something like a lifetime away, that he'd be able to work things out within and without, and that we could share some years together before he passes. But, in fact, his desire is not to do 'work' on himself and deal with what the feelings that come with Indianapolis and his history here. My awakening was that this life of introspection and working through fear is mine, not his. Anthony DeMello has a quote that goes something like..There is nothing selfish about living the life that makes me happy and nothing more selfish than expecting another to live that life. He's tired and wants to be warm. I had this feeling of...he wants die there, the place that feels like home. How can I not support that? I do.

I'm so due for a rest and some recreational time. My work life has been 65-70 hours a week for a while. So, I'm going to take a trip to Guanacaste, Costa Rica at the end of May. I'm delighted. I can't even express what a wonderful thing it will be to be there, rainforests, volcanos, mountains, howler monkeys, talking to the ticos in Spanish. I've never been there but I sound as I have. I've been reading a bit on it and have a vision for what my trip will be.

Kate and Pete: Congratulations on the birth of Lena. What a sweet little thing she is. I loved the picture of Emie holding her. One little person loving another. How good.


bill said...

Go, Silvia! Costa Rica will be an adventure for the ages. You are great.

JimmyR said...

Costa Rica will be awesome! I have several friends who have gushed about their experiences, and a co-worker who loves it so much that she is getting married there. Here's to good and safe travels....

Anonymous said...

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