03 November 2004

four more years

This is difficult to take in - four more years of the Bush adminstration. I feel very sad and unable to concentrate today.

I feel moved by the volume of new voters this year.

Can I apply the compassion that is needed for the consciousness of this nation?


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Interesting analogy and a great question.


Peptide said...

fear is at the root of it all. and fear breeds fear. i'm scared by fascinated at what will come next. i think the left needs to focus a lot of attention on the environment, among other issues, as i think it will become a universal concern in the near future.

silvie said...

peptide: just a note to tell you that i've appreciated your blogs for their information, not to mention their entertainment value. in the past year or so i've woken up from my disengagement from politics with a gap to bridge.

a month or so ago i was driving down meridian and greeted with anti-abortion protesters lined up on both sides of the street with their signs. this continued for about 30 blocks. i couldn't believe my eyes. there were aliens, from another planet in my charming, soulful neighborhood. their eyes looked very frightened. it felt assaulting. my first response was hatred and repulsion. much like having to turn off npr today because i was unable to hear bush speak.

after feeling every feeling i have about my truth is bigger than that as i attempted to get to in my blog. to stay in the repulsion and resistance is indeed fear breeding fear. i'm asking myself what i am willing to do and with what mindset.

silvie said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the question: what to do? I've found my focus starting with myself. Today, right now, I can start taking better care of my body. I can increase my personal knowledge. I can continue the work of sitting with intense emotions (fear) and channeling their energy in non-violent ways. I can support and enjoy my family. I can care for my home and land.

From there, I'd like to get more informed about county and city politics. How does the money "work" around here? How can a progressive county and city government offset some of the policy of a conservative state and federal government?

On the national level, I can continue to push for accountability regarding the Bush administration's numerous crimes. Maybe we can bring him down before 2008. Then, there are the numerous issues that are of vital importance to "both" sides (i.e. the environment).

How about this: let's make progress toward every one of our common goals before we get into griping about our differences. Don't like abortion? Well, let's take a look at the factors that lead a woman to make the choice of having an abortion--something that I believe few women take lightly--and let's do something about those things. Then, when the election comes around again, you go your way, and I'll go mine.

Anyhoo, that's what's been in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me.


silvie said...

JimA, thanks for sharing what you can do. that was helpful to read.

A few thoughts for me:

Practice listening to those with an opposing point of view without being combative. Ask questions. Try to understand their point of view and what drives it. State my point respectfully without defensiveness and the need to be right. I have great opportunity for this in my workplace.

Be conscious weighing the greater good vs my individual comfort/desires as I'm living my day to day life.

Continue to learn more about the complex issue of pharma economics, role of my company, etc.

Be of service to an organization that supports my beliefs. Not sure where yet.

Pay my debt. Be more conscious of my consumption and set aside some for donation.

Pray for the highest good of our nation.