07 November 2004


We are not to know why
this and that masters us,
real life makes no reply,
only that it enraptures us
makes us familiar with it.

-Ranier Maria Rilke

I ran into a dear friend this morning in our neighborhood cafe, in what seemed to be a very tense moment for me, him and his date who oddly stayed a few paces away. I long for the day when that connection feels less so or finds its home.

I delayed raking my leaves (lots of huge trees in my yard) because the blanket of orange, yellow, red freshly fallen leaves feels so comforting to me. It was once spring but today fall is my favorite season.


Peptide said...

i love james wolcott and am still shocked that he blogs as much as he does. i'm so sick of all the 'i have the answer's that have come out since the election to save the democrats. kristof's is just about the worst i've heard. zing.
the leaves in colorado only seem to turn yellow. most of them have fallen now and i'm missing the leaves. i need green to enjoy the world fully.

silvie said...

That i understand. I read all of these articles and ended up feeling very confused. http://www.slate.com/id/2109188/#ContinueArticle
Katha Pollit's was my favorite. http://www.slate.com/id/2109165/ Are you familiar with her books?

I have 60 bags of dried leaves lined up on the street in front of my house now. Even in the bags they make me happy. I feel some odd sense of accomplishment though I didn't create the leaves or bag them. :)

Peptide said...

i'm still working my way through them, but pollit's was my fav as well. she laid things out plainly and then didn't try to force them into her own pre-fabricated solution. she writes a column for the nation that i read occasionally, but i haven't seen her books. i believe she's a poet as well as an essayist.

Heidi said...

Hey Silvia,
Sorry it took me so long to respond, but it's hard for me to spend much time online with Adin being so active these days :).
I'm enjoying your blog though...glad to hear your "voice" again.
My email is hdigiovanni@hotmail.com.