04 January 2005


Many days of rain. When it rains there is a rather loud tapping noise against my house, my gutters I guess. I had this thought that the noise would gradually go away, as if my house would get used to the rain and then be quieter. Then I realized that was an odd thought.

Life has been a little bit quiet. I've noticed that I've been spending more time with my parents. This is new for me and newsworthy.

I say Ray with my mom. Outstanding performance by Jamie Foxx. Go and see it for that reason if not the music. We saw it at the funky Greenbriar theater where tickets are $4 and you can order tolerable pub-style food. For a sparsely attended, pobre-cita kind of venue, the employees oddly seem to take pride in the place. I remember feeling glad to be there. My mom simply dug it. When we walked out of the theater she had the energy of a young girl, excited. She asked, "what are we going to do next?". Her cool chicks out on the town sense of it was very cute. Where do you go with your mom at 11pm on a Wednesday night? She then asked, "can we do this again?". She stopped her car in the parking lot on the way out. I pulled up next to her. She had stopped to call my grandmother and was telling her what a nice time she had. Very sweet. Once in a blue moon we find an avenue on which to connect.

I spent NY's eve with my dad. We tried a new restaurant (La Piedad, which I go to once or twice a week) - kind of big deal for him at age 75. Azul waited on us, of course. I sense that he has a fondness for me, which, I might add, is as gentleman-like as it gets. After a little controversy with the sauce not being on the side and whatnot, it turns out he likes the place. One more place we can go to outside of his normal places of comfort (MCL, Steak n' Shake, Denny's....). Then we went to my house and watched Collateral, which we both enjoyed. We had a toast with water and a piece of cheesecake. We were back at his apartment by 10 or so. I think he had a good time.

2004...not my favorite year.


Anonymous said...

MC:Maybe you should give Azul a shot???:-)

silvie said...

uh-uh. :)

i'm following in heidi's footsteps, holding out for the man of my dreams.

byn said...

yep, say ciao to 2004. 2005 has to be better, right?

silvie said...