08 January 2005


Ned spoke about memory in his blog. It is a given that of all that I experience and learn, there is a small component that I retain over time. It has always been interesting to me the experiences or moments I choose to remember, be they mundane or profound. They build a home in my memory and awaken at unexpected times. They become timeless. Memory's recollection of them often seems to be brighter even than the original. I can see this in the sweet moments and in the painful periods. I look back at the dark times of my life with reverence because they are now accompanied with understanding and purpose. They gain beauty. So, the point seems to be cultivating that reverence and trust in the here and now.

I ran around in the snow last night around 12:30am in a state of glee. I felt like I was 8 years old. It was my favorite kind of snowfall. Big, puffy flakes and lots of them. Has the feel of being in a cartoon or make believe world. Except it's real.


Peptide said...

i love that feeling of a cartoon, perfect world, frosted in snow.

i like the idea of beauty in our experiences, even those we found unpleasant. here and now.

Heidi said...

Silvia, I've finally been catching up on blogs this week and wanted to say how much I love reading your posts and seeing the pics!! I swear your house is one of the houses I used to drive by and say, "someday I want to live in a house exactly like this" - it's beautiful! Also, that's very cool that you hooked up with Kate and Deanna. I'm in touch with Kate, but haven't talked to Deanna in years - it was great to see a picture of all of you together.
Here's to a new year!

silvie said...

Heidi: Happy New Year to you! I have enjoyed reading your blog too. One evening I read much of your archives. Neat getting to read the story of your life. You are the same as I remember you. One who savors life. I remember one time we had one of our meaning of life conversations back in Bloomington. Your response was so refreshing. It was something like "to have a good time". Right about now I like that answer much more than the heavier ones. I'm a little weary of this business of healing, learning how to love and be loved, and so on. You seem to be good at the enjoying part. One day I'd love to have a talk. Will email you sometime for your number. Best.

Casino Gambling Watchdog said...

I miss the snow, I live here in Phoenix where we really don't see snow. Sure I can travel to Flagstaff, however, there is nothing like the midwest after a fresh snow.

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