04 July 2005


Neko moved in two weeks ago. I got her from the Humane Society. She was in another dog facility prior to the HS and before that who knows. She's 18 mo. old, 60 lbs, and my guess is that she is a lab/american staffordshire terrier mix? She is kind and loving to everyone she has met, housetrained, strong, good at playing ball, and comes within 5 seconds of calling her name and looks up at me attentively just like in this picture.

She comes in when I'm sleeping in the morning as the snooze goes off (so she comes in about every 8 minutes for 30 minutes) but waits until I actually get out of bed or show signs of being awake to get all frantic and wagging and excited. No whining or noise, just her checks to my room to survey the situation. I tend to pretend I'm asleep during this time and she allows me that. I dearly love this about Neko.

I have low expectations about her ever developing into a watch dog, but I suppose anything is possible. She's never barked at a human being to date, and certainly not the ones who come to visit.

Neko learned to use her doggy door a few days after I got her so she lets herself out into my back yard as she likes. I'm working on teaching her to come when I call her outside amidst free reign to run for miles (inside it is like clockwork) so I can let her out anywhere. We went to Holiday Park and she was eager to get in the river. Very fun to have a companion on my hikes.


bill said...

Good lord! Adorable puppy!! I love her. Gosh, I wish I had a dog.

Anonymous said...

MC: How's the pup doing?

silvie said...

i think she may love me.

and my sandals, glasses, skirts, underwear, shorts.

Anonymous said...