23 July 2005


My brother, sister, dad and me at the family reunion with our Canadian relatives. My dad is Canadian. This was an enjoyable visit just before my dad moved to Tucson.


Anonymous said...

"brother, me, dad, sister"

there, order fixed. ;)

i tease.

great pic!


grey matters said...

you all have the same nose. I am going to the Springer Family Reunion in 2 weeks. There are so many of us that we have to wear different colored t-shirts to mathc who came from whom. I hate these kinds of gatherings. Usually held in the basement of a church or some air conditionless place. It never fails, I always find the guys with the luke-warm beer and smokes. That's where you'll find me. Funny, if we all had teh same color t-shirts on.....

grey matters said...

Does anyone know where Hoagland Indiana is anyway?

Ned said...

Nice looking crew you got there. ;) I don't think I ever met your Dad.

silvie said...

why thank you, ned. i don't think you did. my dad would like you.

c, very funny. are you the one that organizes assigns and communicates the colors to everyone? :) are you in oregon now?

byn, thank for clearing that up. wish you the best on your trip.