30 August 2005

dog park

I originally thought Neko was not so smart. Wrong. She was sick when I got her which accounted for her apparent zen-like, passive demeanor. She seems to get a little more clever and peculiar with each week that passes. She's escaped 5 times, seems to enjoy "performing" when she knows I'm watching, responds in unique ways to tones and words, and seems to know no bounds in resourceful ways to acquire the things that she wants. This puppy, she's ALWAYS got to be chewing. It is as she is saying to me in her varied behaviors, "Don't you get it? I must chew. 40% of the time I must be chewing". If I don't give her a bone from my "bone chest" she will acquire items that are not hers to satisfy her dog given right to chew (most recently defaced my secure id token to log into work remotely). Neko is my best friend, and the funniest dog I know. Bar none.

Work is looking up. It seems that I may have job opportunities within 3 organizations at the company where I work. I'm getting a little more clear about what my mission is in this particular industry and this company.

Things I'm grateful for:

1. the cool night air tonight after it rained. first hint of fall. it reminded me of my friend john.
2. exec dir i recently i've been recently working for who is very bright and has taken an interest in my career. i really like people who are fast and get it quicker than i do or at my pace.
3. seeing my mom retire and begin to de-stress and really open up. she has started a political organization with her friends here in indy. it is another instance of life's predictable irony. seeing her fighting for minorities (e.g. gays and afro americans) -- the same mom who had incredible struggle and drama with my best friend who was lesbian and my black boyfriend who i was with for 5 years.
4. danny f. he is on most gratitude lists i make. danny loves baseball. i mean LOVES it. he started coaching his son's baseball team. he is "that coach" who plays the whole team in all of the key positions rather than playing his 4 best players (pitcher, first, second and shortstop) against the other team's 4 best players. i would have expected nothing less from him. he says the parents and kids seem to get it.
5. the urgency with which neko responds to any object which i throw for her to retrieve inside or outside. she can be counted on to be back in 10 second flat.
6. neko's desire to immerse herself in water - splashing, dunking her head, drinking, rolling, stretching, swimming. she will use her water bowl, rain, the White River, mud pit at dog park, my shower, her pool, the toilet. snow will be fun.
7. feeling out of grief and in peace. ready to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

loving the list! :)

Anonymous said...

oops, p.s. love, byn ;)

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