26 March 2006

return to the far east

I am going to Thailand in May. I've been wanting to return to Asia since I went 15 years ago and fell in love there. I was in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. Bali in particular was what struck me. I felt a sense of familiarity and comfort. The people there had a gentleness and graciousness that I had never encountered before. I considered actually living there and not returning to Bloomington.

I'm flying into Bangkok for a couple of days and staying here. Then I'm going to Koh Samui, an island to the east of the mainland. For the first week I'm staying at Moonhut in a beachfront bungalow a few feet from the water. In the second week I'm staying at this charming boutique hotel, L'Hacienda. The best part is Moonhut costs $20/night and L'Hacienda $30.

One of the things that feeds my spirit is going to new cultures and setting off to explore without much of a detailed plan and largely on instinct. I've been wanting to do this for years and years. Somehow I didn't see how it was possible to be gone for two weeks from work or couldn't afford it or some other reason. It is time to live the life I want live as soon as I become aware of what that is. So this one I know clearly.

I will report back with my adventures...


Ned said...

WOW! That sounds awesome! I know you'll have a great time. Why Thailand out of all the asian countries? I'm curious about China and Korea, but don't feel like I know much about Thailand (except that I like Thai food).

silvie said...

A close friend of mine goes to Samui every year for 5 weeks and has shared a lot with me about the island. He stays at a place just down the beach from Moonhut but much more basic (I'll call it a shack vs. my bungalow/hut place)I'm going to do some sightseeing and exploring, but mainly I'm going to relax and, how shall I say it, recalibrate my body and mind. Both feel out of sync from where they belong. I will probably go scuba diving and kayaking and do a lot of sleeping, reading, regular massages, and yes, eating plenty of Thai food! I'm also meeting up with Jim's best friend, Korryn, who lives in Thailand.

Cambodia is another place that interests me. My friend Susan just returned from there.

I went to GC show and missed you. There is another on 5 May at Radio Radio. Come and let's have another long talk.

Anonymous said...


I love Holiday Park!

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