06 May 2006

wet dog

Last year Neko swam in a plastic sweater box that she barely fit in. This year she's got a kiddie pool. In and out and in and out...all day.


joe said...

Ahhh....to be a dog would be divine. Neko looks alot like what I picture my 8 week old puppy will look like in a year or so. We just adopted a rescue puppy....1/2 boxer and 1/2 shepard named Maggie.....My daughter is in love.

silvie said...

Maggie sounds like a perfect dog - boxer and shepherd. Congrats on your new family member. I have so enjoyed having a dog. I am in Thailand right now. Seems I have forgotten everything back home, except Neko.

There are three dogs who live at Moonhut where I am staying - mom, dad and a puppy. The dad dog is funny. He goes out the ocean and just sits in the water. Never swims, walks, just sits.