15 October 2007

It is fall and I felt to write

It has been more than a year since I've been on my site. It seemed to be the arrival of fall and visiting Peptide's blog for a moment that inspired me.

I changed jobs in September from a very large corporate job to a very small consulting firm. I had six weeks off in between, during which time I made a stone garden in my back yard and went to Cambodia, among other things.

I got a second dog. He is the yin to Neko's yang. Very quiet, patient, quite sad when he first arrived. He is a little insecure and is learning how to be a dog from Neko, although she is 2 and he is 7. He seemed to miss out on some basics dog-being things up in his life like barking, chasing, running. His name is Obi, meaning "heart" in African Igbo. He and Neko appear to have gotten married which was very sweet to observe.

I will leave with pictures from
Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I will return, I think, to share with someone.


Unknown said...

congrats on your departure. i wish you could see what i was doing there right now. you'd be proud. i'm being me.

Anonymous said...

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