25 November 2007

gratitude list

Things I'm grateful for tonight:

1. Neko. So ardent about everything, such a great communicator and physically a superstar (a quarterback). Currently 65 pounds organized in a surprisingly small circle on my bed.

2. Mom and Julio. For staying until every last dish was done at my house and paying attention to every detail so that my first hosting of Thanksgiving went smoothly. For collecting special rocks for me from every place they visit.

3. Susan. For her brilliance, generosity, sense of humor and graceful way of living and teaching me.

4. Obi. Sleeping with his 2 bears. That is his story and he is sticking to it.

5. My new long, red bathrobe.

6. Asian looking tree next to my living room that my brother mistakenly calls "the pobre cita tree" whose leaves turn red at the end of November for about 2 weeks.

7. Doug. His care with words and actions and their deep significance. The warmth in his voice when I call.

8. The job I have and the freedom it gives me in my lifestyle.

9. For courage. This comes easily for me though I don't know why.

10. My dad.

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