20 May 2008

2 ducks

I planted a garden this past weekend -- lettuce, spinach, squash, cucumbers, blueberry plant, strawberry plant, 3 types of tomatoes, celery, oregano, parsley, cantaloup, cabbage. I took back some of the dog's territory (which is the whole back yard) with a small green fence. Neko has already squeezed through it and explored this little magical place. But I am going to get a new fence. I love being in my yard.

I feel genuinely happy and very connected - more than ever in life. It is truly spring for me.

Decisions are coming easily and rapidly. I sold my Grand Cherokee for a used Prius. I've not been coloring my hair which is fun. It is dark blond. I will be making my way over time out of the corporate world and using my business skills for living things -- animals, the earth. It has come easily to me to reconnect with so many people from the past that I have loved or grown away from. And at the same time there are some that I see to leave be. I'm starting to acknowledge what I use in water, how I consume in general. I would consider myself wealthy by some people's standards and I consume a lot. I like the idea of using the resources that I have vs. buying more. I have a lot of food, colored pencils, bags, candles, pictures, books, clothes, nail polish, shampoos, and on and on. And with what I have there is so much that can be built, dwelled in, explored, enjoyed, shared.

I am supporting Barack Obama for President. What I feel most responsive to is that there he presents an invitation for us to sincerely engage. Can we all just sit a bit more still through the invitation for own our change? I pray and send my very best compassion to those that may feel a little or very threatened by his voice or the voice of those who support him. Yes we can!

My neighbors across the street have built a natural habitat setting in their yard, which has attracted 2 particular ducks - a female and a male. They visit every evening to their yard, sit by the duck pool, and sometimes walk across the street to my yard and hang out in the middle. I feel so pleased that Patti and Conrad's ecosystem has extended to mine.


liz said...

what a heartening post. i like hearing about the intention and awareness your cultivating and how it's playing out in your everyday and ordinary ways.

Ned said...

spring indeed! it all sounds good - hope the dogs let the garden be. :)

Anonymous said...

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