25 May 2008


I had a lovely lunch with my mom and abuelita at my house. abuelita says i know how to set a good table. Like her I like I like fresh flowers, placemats, details.

Abuelita has been afraid of dogs her whole life and has now befriended mine.

A very good friend of mine feels far away. I suspect we won't talk for months or years.

I have a new vision for a job -- it may take a year or two to build it.

blue moon drawing


me and abuelita



liz said...

i find myself looking forward to reading your blog these days silvia.

i appreciate those everyday details like how you set your table. for me, so much of the pleasure of life comes from these kinda things.

i hope you'll write about your vision for work as it unfolds.

Unknown said...

hearing about abuelita makes me smile, as i get older i appreciate her more than i did when i was 6 or 7 and couldnt understand what she was saying and never had a real conversation with her.

I envy you for getting to spend so much time with her. say hello to her and abuela for me.
i miss you : )

Anonymous said...

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