15 June 2008

santa catalinas

I am on my way home from Tucson visiting my Dad. He lives way up in the Santa Catalina mountains. I adore those mountains amidst the quiet and stillness of Tucson. In part because they connect me to him.

I went jogging and rock hunting and took some evening drives in the mountains. One evening I went off the beat and path in an area that was for authorized personnel only and got in trouble from a park ranger. She warned me how dangerous it is to out in the desert at night, that it is rattlesnake season, that there are mountain lions, pumas, javelinas out there. I'm not sure what harm javelinas do but I she knows better than I do. I was probably 400 feet from my car. I have an adventurous spirit, am pretty tough physically, and quite intuitive when it comes to danger. And yet in some respects she was right.

My dad and I saw a coyote. He looked puny. My dad thought he was limping. I feel such warmth and wonder any time I am close to a wild animal. I think I will go on a safari in Tanzania for my next big vacation.

My dad came to a major awareness about his life and shared it with me. Happy Father's Day to you my sweet dad.


Peptide said...

did you hear the coyote yipping?
(and because i stumbled across it while finding that clip - joni

silvie said...

i didn't hear him yipping. he was alone crossing the street when we saw him. my dogs certainly took note of the yipping. neko came in from the other rooom to find out what was going on. thanks for the joni song too. i like the beat and rhythm of that song. i wish there were more deep joni mitchell's in the world.