18 June 2008

buck wild

Thoughts on how to have a good time:

  1. Declare independence from pressures that I don’t really respect and which distort my relationship with myself. It's not necessary to do battle with them anymore.
  2. Pay attention to where I can be of maximum service. Lead more quietly.
  3. Think of my internal resources as an ecosystem. Expend energy that is renewable and restorative for me and others and not more than what I have. Likewise be aware of my capacity to absorb waste, what kinds and how much. View nature as a partner and design my living patterns around this. Learn from nature's intelligence. Nature is smarter than I am.
  4. Let intuition go buck wild. Explore any new place that excites my imagination and captivates me. Take note about what causes delight and where I feel at home in the world and do those things a lot.



Piú giú, in fondo alla Tuscolana...!?...passavo per un saluto!

Peptide said...

i like your list. good things to reflect and act on.

silvie said...

nice to hear from you pep. i was thinking a day or two ago...i wonder if pep will read my blog and one day we'll have a dialogue.

Peptide said...

well here i am :)
#3 gave me the image of cartoon in which you see your internal metaphorical ecosystem from a god's eye view - like looking down into a diorama world. over here area the solar cells, feeding light energy into the heart - there you see your arms and legs working the fields and producing sustaining foods, and so on
lately i see everything as a potential cartoon, even if i can't explain it well.

liz said...

goo list silvia. i like especially like 3 and being aware of one's capacity to absorb waste. also letting one's intuition go buck wild in 4 sounds mighty interesting. keep us appraised of the wilderness.

silvie said...

pep, i will keep the cartoon vision with me. i've been off work this past week and thinking of going back to all the drama that awaits. i am imagining all sorts of cartoon images and feeling kinda a silly zen vs. my more frequent tense, hands in the air feeling.

for my santa catalina post i see a picture of an arizona sunset almost complete, a girl in bright orange sandals scanning the ground intently and bending down to pick a turquoise rock. little does she know that there is xtra large female javelina gidiyuping through the desert headed strait for her. Meanwhile the mountain lions, rattlenakes and pumas are having a time out nap like in kindergarten where they laid out the rugs side by side.

liz, i will tell my tales on #3 in future posts. this feels like the basis for the next chapter of my life and what will become my new livelihood. as an example i just finished my first compost batch and watched the transformation with my vegetables in what sure seemed to be 24 hrs. i'd like to get up to speed on what the many experts already know across the world (designers, political strategists, historians, biologists, archeologists, architects, healers, farmers, technologists, urban planners, spiritual leaders, philosophers, poets, etc.) who have built and flourished in all sorts of different ecosystem dimensions. i am on an ecosystem study shall we say. the very basics i'm beginning to practice in my daily life will have a number of applications in other contexts and will ultimately become a service and product. the beauty i see is that my personal life and work life will be integrated -- like 2 sides of a rock.

as for #4 in some ways i feel like a black belt and in other ways a shy infant and it is time to open up the floodgates. for some reason the movie elektra is coming to mind -- being a fan of jennifer gardner. :)

castlewon said...

I think I'll do that. Take notes on what brings delight. :-)