01 July 2008

old dogs and new tricks - by livi

My nieces Adri and Livi stayed with me for the weekend from Ohio. We had a lovely time. Being an aunt and having kids for the weekend is a special treat for me. What joy! We made pottery, got manicures/pedicures, went hiking, shopping -- and I should not forget to mention we completed jump class with my dogs.

Livi rides horses and has a sincere intent to teach all capable animals with four legs to jump as her horse does. She has already taught her 15 pound pup and any other dogs in her neighborhood in Ohio that she's been able to convince to participate. She was wildly successful with Neko in a matter of moments. Obi did about average but did well in stealing Neko's hard earned treats.

To share a little insight into Olivia, she is one of the more courageous people that I know. She is confident, creative and trusts that she will know how to put it together even if she doesn't at the start. I love all of those things about her. It has always felt like birds of a feather for as long as I can remember.

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liz said...

how nice to spend that kinda time with your family.