24 August 2008

Gold medals

A gratitude list might help me to feel more kind right now.

1. Asia. Asia is my love. I am homesick for it. I decided not to travel overseas this year with the idea of exploring my own town and neighborhood, spending less money and the green-ness in not travelling.

2. Juicing. I just discovered the marvel of juicing. Do you any of you also juice and do you have a source for good recipes? So far carrot, apple, celery and honey has been my favorite. Maybe ginger would have worked well also.

3. Yoga. I look forward to Mondays and Fridays. 2 classes a week is so much better for me than one. It really helps to have at last have a physical practice of surrender where for years it was solely a mental practice of forgetting and remembering. I have a bit more awareness when I get charged and resist. A small seed is being planted on a new art for me.

4. My parents. I can say with completeness that I feel close to and very peaceful with both of my parents. I've been through life and death battles, isolation, an ocean of grief, and real work. For some time now it has felt very easy to be in the flow of loving them.

5. Laura Wilkenson, Olympic diver. She didn't end her diving career in a gold medal as she did in 2000 -- but what grace, such kindess with herself and what loves she so openly expresses. We should give medals for great loving.


Ned said...

Good stuff - gratitude is a very healthy state of mind. I blew a chance to get to Asia years ago when my sister lived in Japan, but I still have family on the other side of the globe and still hope to get over there.

Anonymous said...

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