03 August 2008

Storing energy for when the sun doesn't shine

Biking is bliss. I remember it now. Today I rode to do all of my errands instead of driving my car - to the grocery, to Rusted Moon Outfitters and the hardware store. I have a bike basket now which makes a big difference. Every place is closer than what I thought. It reminds me of living in Bloomington in college when I biked everywhere. It is a much more open and connected way of travelling - to feel the wind, to exert my own horsepower to meet my wants and needs, to see people and the details of their living, to stop and take a picture of the floppy, delicate flowers that I admire.

Tomorrow I am going to bike to yoga. I think it will take 30 minutes. Ned, you have inspired me to see about biking to work. I commit to try it once and report back.

This MIT discovery is exciting. How should we replicate this in the heart and mind space?

MIT researchers have overcome a major barrier to large-scale solar power: storing energy for use when the sun doesn't shine....Sunlight has the greatest potential of any power source to solve the world's energy problems, said Nocera. In one hour, enough sunlight strikes the Earth to provide the entire planet's energy needs for one year.


Ned said...

Great biking news! Glad to hear you're getting into (again). My work's dress code makes it easier for me to bike, that's for sure.

liz said...

way to get out there and pedal. i'm psyched for you.

Anonymous said...

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